At the Horizon

I closed my eyes and fell into a dream.
Someone was complaining about
the bother of a person who saw the world
as it is and insisted on changing it.
"She'll never fit in," he said,
"She'll always be a few steps off the path."
Then another voice, this one attached to a body
slanting up the hill toward me.
I sensed a strength, but I could not see a face.
"Everybody has a piece of God in them"
said the voice. "Even her?" scoffed the other.
"Especially her!" said the voice.
From the hill we could see
far down across the roofs of the town
to the ocean, a shining sliver of silver
just under the sky.
Something so vast poured
into the thinnest horizon line . . .
but that was all we needed
to know it was there.

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